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Fitness Fundamentals150
Advanced Fitness Fundamentals150
Urban Agility150
Manners I150
Manners II150
Manners III150
Foundation Skills150
Senior Support150
Creative Exercise150
Sunrise Parkour150
Rally Obedience Novice150
Rally Obedience Advanced150
Rally Obedience Expert150
Rally Free Novice150
Rally Free Advanced150
Rally Free Expert150
Treiball I150
Treiball II150
Treiball III150
Trick Dog Novice150
Trice Dog Advanced150
Trick Dog Expert150
Trick Dog Performer150
Reactive Dog Therapy I150
Reactive Dog Therapy II150
Shy Dog Therapy150
Dimensions In Fear: Creating A Confident Dog150
Boundary Training150
Get Focused150
Empowerment and Engagement150
Clarity and Calm in a Chaotic World - Handling Distractions150
Surviving To Thriving, Your Relationship With Your Dog150
Bed Rest Games150
Enrichment Games150
Snake Avoidance Without Shock150
Scent Detective: Begining Nosework Games150
Odor targeting, recognition and detection basics150
Odor targeting, recognition and detection advanced150
Odor detection in the service and medical world150
Nosework Games and Troubleshooting150
Making Choices, Managing Prey Drive Part I150
Making Choices, Managing Prey Drive Part II150
Life Without A Leash - A Rock Solid Recall150
Heeling Magic - Loose Leash Walking 150
Tiny Tyrants150
Control Yourself150
Getting To Know You - Your Newly Rescued Dog150
Puppy Learning Games150
Jagility Level I - Learning Obstacles150
Jagility Level II - Scent and Retrieve150
Jagility Level III - Puzzle Solving, Mazes and Troubleshooting150
Jagility For Senior and Disabled Dogs150
Home Helper Hound Basics150
Home Helper Hound Tasks150
Home Helper Hound Advanced150
Urban Agility Level 2150
Urban Agility Level 3150
Savvy Socialization150
Therapy Dog150

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There are some lectures and games that were written by others and where I know who credit belongs to it is stated.